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Soul Portraits

Insight & Guidance

Initially, Soul Portraits are achieved through channeling and opening a dialogue with the soul and through the culmination of visual nuances, emotion and story that emerge onto paper. Thereafter; each time you meditate with it…the conversation continues.

I utilize a technique known as Touch Drawing to manifest each Soul Portrait.

Touch Drawing is a process discovered and developed by Deborah Koff-Chapin. More information can be found on her website The Center for Touch Drawing.

Each Soul Portrait and experience is unique to the individual. In a relatively short period of time, I’ve done several hundred Soul Portraits and no two have been completely alike. Each piece has nuances and qualities that seem to emerge further, after the initial experience.

The images received, seem pertinent to the individual at the time each Soul Portrait is completed. Those things that resonate now, including the images, tend to change over time. For that reason, many people have elected to return for additional Soul Portraits also.

To channel a Soul Portrait, I simply require the recipient’s first name. While physical presence lends to the experience, it certainly isn’t required. I have completed Soul Portraits for adults, children and couples.

If interested in scheduling a session with me, please contact me via the link below or you may call me directly at (774)216-2175.  Special requests or questions may also be submitted through these formats. 

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Soul Portraits
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