Self Discovery

with Tanya

These services will be available soon.
They are currently on hold while I complete my certification training to also begin offering Creatively Fit Coaching.
Thank you for your patience.

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Intuitive/Spiritual Life Coaching with Holly


What is an Intuitive/Spiritual Life Coach?

     I use my gifts and an intuitive, empath, and channel, in combination with my training as a certified life coach, to help you with whatever issues you want to explore.  Are you feeling stuck in your career, your spiritual journey, a relationship, or your life, in general?  Each session with me is uniquely structured toward YOUR true life purpose and how to find your way back onto that path.  I have learned that the messages I channel, for others, come forward most often during one-on-one or small group conversations.  That, combined with a lifetime of being an intuitive empath, gives me a unique ability to connect with my clients in a way that is different from traditional life coaching.  I am compassionate and sympathetic, because I had spent a long time missing, or ignoring, those messages, too.  It is my hope that having accepted and embraced my “calling”, I can now help others to do the same. 

     Each session with me is geared, specifically, toward where you are RIGHT NOW in your life.  Your higher-self always knows what is the best course of action to experience your life to the fullest.  Together we will tap into those subtle messages and give you the tools to get yourself “unstuck”.  No topic is taboo, and no judgement is ever rendered when in session with me.  It is my job to make you feel as comfortable, and heard, as possible so that you may speak your truths.  

“I am not here to save the planet, but if I can help one person, I have done my job.” 🌺

**A life coach is NOT a trained mental health professional, and I should never take the place of seeing professional help should you be having a mental health crisis**