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Therapeutic Art & Creativity Coaching

Time and experience have taught me a lot of things. Primarily, it has taught me that we are all searching for something. Though we might not always be able to immediately identify what that might be, or articulate it to someone else, most of us are indeed searching for that elusive 'something.'


It's that nagging pull that interrupts your days, or perhaps keeps you awake at night. It grabs your attention with daydreams and distracts you with confusion. At times, it propels your need for clarity and understanding, into the depths of frustration and despair. Leaving you breathless, exhausted and overwhelmed. Or perhaps it's simply, that persistent little nudge...that there's something more...


You are not alone.


In fact, the answers are closer than you think, and what you are seeking, already exists within you.


Together we'll identify what those things might be. Bring them into the light. Explore your options. Develop a plan and a course of action so that you can move forward with confidence, and step fully into the blessings of your life. 


First (30 min) consultation is FREE.


Are you ready to make a commitment to yourself?

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