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The Two Feathers Healing Arts Center Story

I'm Spirit Light, the heart and soul behind this sanctuary of creativity and healing. For years, I've dedicated myself to the transformative power of art, believing that each brushstroke and creation has the ability to touch hearts and awaken spirits.


My journey into the healing arts began with a deep-seated passion for creativity. From a young age, I understood that art was not just a form of expression, but also a path to self-discovery and healing. This belief has guided me throughout my life and is at the core of everything I do at Two Feathers Healing Arts.


Two Feathers Healing Arts Center was founded in 2020 by Holly Hoyt and Tanya Lewis in East Sandwich, Ma. Looking for a place to build community and Tribe while having a sacred space to share their unique gifts was their mission. In that moment of pure intention, the energy began to flow. The perfect people, location and opportunities organically began to unfold and Two Feathers began to form its foundation.

Over the span of four years, patrons and clients became friends, friends evolved into family, and our community flourished. However, change intervened, and despite our best efforts, we had to bid farewell to our physical location on the Cape.

Two Feathers Healing Arts represents my reimagined vision, born from the essence of our tribe's shared journey.

Here we offer a variety of services aimed at nurturing the soul and expanding consciousness. From Soul Portraits that reflect the essence of your being to Shamanic Paintings and Energy Paintings that serve as tools for spiritual growth, each offering is crafted with love and intention.

In addition to our art offerings, we also provide Therapeutic Art & Creativity Coaching services. Through personalized coaching sessions, we help you tap into your creative potential, overcome obstacles, and achieve personal growth and transformation.

Our mission at Two Feathers Healing Arts is simple: "To spread light and love through art. To light you up from the inside and to

Touch heart at a time."

Whether you're here to explore our offerings or embark on a journey of self-discovery, we're here to support you every step of the way.

Thank you for joining us. We look forward to connecting with you and sharing in the true beauty of art together.


Tanya / Spirit Light



Tanya Lewis / Spirit Light

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