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Shamanic Paintings

Shamanic Paintings are received and created very much like the Soul Portraits, which are achieved through channeling and opening a dialogue with the soul and through the culmination of visual nuances, emotion and story that emerge onto paper or canvas. 

Each piece is unique to the individual and tends to reflect the soul at the time the images are received.

The only thing required is the individual's first name. The recipient will be contacted when the Shamanic Painting is completed.


The main difference between the Soul Portraits & Shamanic Paintings, are the materials that are used to create each unique piece and the length of time involved to complete. The average time needed to complete the painting will vary depending on the current waitlist.


Currently, Shamanic Paintings may be ordered through the link below in either watercolors or mixed medium, and in a variety of dimensions, unframed.

Custom sizes & additional pricing is available upon request.

Contact Tanya


For additional info or inquiries.

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Shamanic Paintings: Services
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