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Womb HeART Embodiment Sessions: Image

Womb HeART Embodiment Sessions

Womb HeART Embodiment Sessions with Sheree & Tanya:

The common element between Sheree & Tanya’s unique medicine is embodiment. Each sharing their unique blend of healing arts to support others to find their connection to Mother Earth and the web of life through deep grounding into their own bodies wisdom. Sheree through her channeling the energy of the Divine Mother to facilitate deep heart centered healing in her Womb healing sessions and Tanya through her therapeutic art and spiritual coaching. As they continue to travel this path together they have recognized how beautifully their medicine weaves together and compliment one another and organically these blended sessions revealed themselves.

In the 3 hours you will spend in our sacred space you will experience and receive an energetic womb healing journey to connect with your womb space, clear the energy there that is not yours and make space to heal on a deeper level. You will then spend the remainder of your session with Tanya bringing that journey to life through a guided intuitive art session. Designed to explore and reveal the innate wisdom garnered during your journey, you will utilize a variety of art materials to preserve and honor the experience.

You will leave present and embodied with a visual tool to support your continued healing journey. We can’t wait to support you on this journey!

These sessions are open to all genders. Everyone has an energetic womb space for creation and remembrance.

3 Hours ~ $222.00 

Womb HeART Embodiment Sessions: Services
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