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Walk ins are welcome, but appointments are recommended.

Our Two Feather's family is growing!

We are now offering oracle & tarot card readings and table tipping.

Please call to determine availability.


Readings: Services

Lori Sampson Allen

Oracle Card Readings

Oracle card readings are a fun and gentle way to check in with your energetic field. The cards have a beautiful way of giving you guidance and also validating the amazing work you are doing!!! Sessions are often accompanied by channeled information and messages from guides or loved ones who are on the other side of the veil. 

15 min $45

30 min $60

60 min $90

Energetic Healing Session with Oracle Card Reading

These sessions are full of healing! Before your Oracle Card Reading, you will receive an energetic scan of your body as you sit fully clothed and relaxed. 

Gentle hands-on healing of Reiki and Lemurian channeled energy will be administered, as well as the use of a pendulum that is intuitively chosen to help clear, open and balance your chakras.

Connecting to your energetic field, I will be channeling healing energy to encompass your entire being. This process aligns you to the information you will be receiving during your oracle card reading.

 Many shifts can take place as you are in a super healing frequency & vibration! 

Attuning to your highest alignment in the present moment.

60 min session $143.00 

90 min session $180.00


Randy Sherrod

Tarot Cards

"When reading the Tarot for others, through spirit, I am used as a
conduit of light and guidance to the divine home that dwells in us
all. The place in the heart station where the light never goes out.
There is infinite, unconditional love and that's where I point the
querent back to, through the reflection in the mirror of the cards."

15 minute, 30 minute and 1 hour sessions available.

Randy’s intention in personal readings with himself, private readings
with others or when
sharing with the community is to plant seeds of hope with others who
are curious or interested in the Tarot to see a way to use their own
stories and relate them to the spiritual journey in the cards.

15min: $25

30min $45

60min $80


Joanne Bracken

Table Tipping

Table tipping is an art form that dates back to the 1800s. 

During a session, the table becomes a tool through which Spirit is able to communicate with us.

Joanne brings her own distinctive, highly spiritual approach to the practice of enabling participants to receive blessings, messages from loved ones, as well as Spirit Guides, High Masters and Angels.

This is a profoundly spiritual and healing experience; each is as unique as its participants.

Sessions are held at Two Feathers Healing Arts Centers on Tuesdays from 12pm – 2pm or 3pm – 5pm. Each session is up top 2 hours long and can accommodate up to 3 people max.

Investment options:

3 people - $70 per person

2 people - $100 per person

1 person - $150 per person

To schedule your session, please contact Joanne directly: 508-680-2355 or email:

Justin Gagne Photo.JPG

Justin Gagne

Energy Reader

I am offering intuitive energy readings, channeled through my higher self and the collective (known to me, as the Saving Light).

With my abilities as an energy reader, light healer and

intuitive guide, I can assist you in receiving messages or guidance from the spiritual realm that might include identifying blocks on your path, communication with your loved ones or help

connecting with source, among other things.

We all have the ability to connect to Source. I can

provide you with additional tools for assisting your connecting


30 minutes: $50

60 minutes: $ 95

Readings: Team Members
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