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Walk ins are welcome, but appointments are recommended.

Our Two Feather's family is growing!

We are now offering oracle & tarot card readings and table tipping.

Please call to determine availability.


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Taylor Eastman

Energy Work and Oracle Readings

Available Thursdays 11:30-4pm

Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions $100 1 hr sessions (packages Available)


During these sessions, I work with clients on an individual basis to help uncover their life's purpose and to shift into a lifestyle to live that purpose. Together, we will examine their current lifestyle and day-to-day interactions, work on creating goals, and creating action steps towards achieving those goals. My spiritual coaching sessions examine life from a perspective of energy and how to co-create life with the universe (God, Source, Spirit). Between sessions, homework and tools will be provided to assist in creating forward momentum towards those actions’ steps and goals. Clients will also receive energy healing sessions and insight through oracle cards periodically throughout their journey.


While individual coaching sessions are tailored to each client’s goals, some areas of discussion that may be offered are:


- Discovering Your Inner Light

- Shadow/Mirror work

- Discovering and Clearing What's Weighing You Down

- The Art of Happiness: Clearing Illusions and Being Mindful

- Finding Your Soul's and Life's Purpose

- Bridging the Gap from Where you are to Where you Want to Be

- Embracing Change

- Co-Creating Your Life with Spirit: Having it All and Asking for What you want

- Overcoming Fear by Working With it




   Oracle Card Guidance Readings $50 1/2hr, $100 1hr

During this session I will use a combination of oracle cards and angel cards to provide information and guidance based on your current energy. Any information that I may pick up intuitively I will share. I often receive information from your energy and aura. Before your session, you may want to write down any questions that you may want insight on, so you don't forget them. My goal for your readings is to provide you with as much helpful information as I can. I try to make them fun and uplifting, so you won't ever have to worry about hearing anything hurtful or negative. These readings are meant to be healing and helpful.

Learn more about Taylor:


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Jennifer Sullivan
Available Fridays 12-4pm

Psychic—Astrologer—Healer—Rescue Medium


The Psychic & Astrologer:

Jennifer is a psychic reader that specializes in Tarot and Astrology. She received her first Tarot deck as a gift at the age of 12, which kick-started her career by performing readings on friends and classmates. She began reading professionally as a young adult. Jennifer dove into the world of Astrology several years ago, falling in love with the stars, and loves the insight they provide.

 Jennifer considers herself to be an intuitive reader who is earthly, practical and is of the highest integrity. Her readings are non-judgmental, reality based, spiritually focused, and fun. She is fascinated by the intricacy of an individual’s cause-and-effect and is devoted to helping people understand their current path, make choices, and lead happier lives.


In a reading with Jennifer, she incorporates Tarot or Astrology, as well as channeled messages from your Spiritual Team. In addition, there is the possibility that a loved one that has passed on will offer messages as well. This is not guaranteed, but when they really want a message delivered, it comes through.


Readings are designed to be empowering, provide healing and guidance.


 Tarot/Psychic Readings:

$33 for 15 minutes

$55 for 30 minutes

$77 for 45 minutes

$111 for 60 minutes


Astrology Readings:

$77 for 30 minutes

$111 for 60 minutes

$155 for 90 minutes


Note:   For accurate astrology readings, I will need the following information a minimum of 24  hours before the reading:

            Date of Birth

            Time of Birth (located on your birth certificate)

            Location of Birth (City, State/City, Country)

Learn more about Jen:



Lori Sampson Allen

Oracle Card Readings

* By Appointment only*

Oracle card readings are a fun and gentle way to check in with your energetic field. The cards have a beautiful way of giving you guidance and also validating the amazing work you are doing!!! Sessions are often accompanied by channeled information and messages from guides or loved ones who are on the other side of the veil. 

45 min $60

60 min $90

90 min $144



Joanne Bracken

Table Tipping

*Available by appointment only*

Table tipping is an art form that dates back to the 1800s. 

During a session, the table becomes a tool through which Spirit is able to communicate with us.

Joanne brings her own distinctive, highly spiritual approach to the practice of enabling participants to receive blessings, messages from loved ones, as well as Spirit Guides, High Masters and Angels.

This is a profoundly spiritual and healing experience; each is as unique as its participants.

Sessions are held at Two Feathers Healing Arts Centers on Tuesdays from 12pm – 2pm or 3pm – 5pm. Each session is up top 2 hours long and can accommodate up to 3 people max.

Investment options:

3 people - $70 per person

2 people - $100 per person

1 person - $150 per person


To schedule your session, please contact Joanne directly: 508-680-2355 or email:

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