Trapped in a Spider’s Web?

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been struggling with this particular subject and how to go about even writing a blog about it, because there is a fine line between simply espousing my opinion and falling into the trap myself. That subject is “Spiritual Narcissism”, or “Spiritual Ego”. For anyone who finds themselves being triggered in what is written below, I will simply say sorry, not sorry. I have been tasked with facilitating a space in which others may come and find their way to heal themselves. In doing so, it falls on me to have an almost detached level of discernment when it comes to what others claim about “spirituality”. So, without further ado, let’s begin…

What IS “Spiritual Narcissism” exactly? According to Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, (renowned Tibetan Buddhist believed by many to be the preeminent teacher of Tibetan Buddhism in our time) “we can deceive ourselves into thinking we are developing spiritually when instead we are strengthening our egocentricity through spiritual techniques. This fundamental distortion may be referred to as spiritual materialism.” As we move through the awakening process, become aware of what more is there than this “mere” human existence, there is a point in which the same mechanisms that cause the Ego to arise in our “regular” lives can also emerge in our spiritual journey. A place where we get STUCK in what we believe we have finally come to understand about the Divine, and where we fit in. Essentially, it’s the moment one believes they have “perfected” their spiritual awakening that they are the most deeply rooted in their spiritual ego.

Here’s a tip: if you are unwilling to accept that one NEVER reaches the end of the spiritual journey, you might be stuck in your spiritual ego. There is no ONE way to raise your level of consciousness, or to connect to Source (God, the Divine, the Universe - whatever YOU want to call it). There is no RIGHT way, no WRONG way, and no EXACT way. Anyone who tries to tell you that you need to do what they do, or that you just need to get to where they are, is (knowingly or unknowingly) full of shit. Yes, I said that, and I make no apologies for saying it. They are completely full of shit and are, as simply as I can say it, avoiding. Avoiding what? That’s not for me to determine, decide or judge. They’re just avoiding something. What I have learned, in my own journey, is that I can either assist by holding up a mirror (something I’m naturally predisposed to doing) so that they are able to see that for themselves, or simply hold the space of unconditional love until they hopefully see it for themselves. After that, my door is always open to assist in helping them confront whatever it was they have been avoiding (and if not me, someone else will be placed in their path by the Universe to assist them) so that they can stop avoiding and continue to move forward (or upward).

So, Holly, why do you even CARE so much if someone is a spiritual narcissist - doesn’t that make you one too? I don’t know. Maybe it does? I sure hope not. What I will say is that I know that I have a “job” to do in this lifetime, and that, in part, is to help those who truly want to heal themselves find the best possible way to do so - safely, without judgement, and through unconditional love. The problem I have with it, and with the current state of the “Spiritual Community” is that it is starting to look much more like an organized religion than simply a community of light workers coming together to bring a new level of awareness and love to those who are willing to raise their own levels of awareness and love.

So what are some signs of Spiritual Ego? I have done quite a bit of exploring on the subject, but one site I come back to often is, which you are free to explore yourselves; however, for the purposes of this blog, I am merely citing directly the following 15 signs of Spiritual Ego…

  1. Overly publicizing (read: boasting) your special spiritual accomplishments

  2. Claiming a stance of superiority (directly or indirectly) due to one’s spiritual gifts or talents

  3. Attempting to transcend the physical/earthly and take on godlike qualities

  4. Believing that your connection with the Divine is somehow deeper or more special than other people’s connection

  5. Focusing on how “more spiritually evolved” you are than others and …

  6. Judging others for being “less awakened,” “asleep,” “unconscious”

  7. Attempting to look like, dress like, sound like a “spiritual” person

  8. Using spiritual words and concepts to avoid being wrong, mistaken or facing vulnerable emotions

  9. Flaunting how spiritual you are on social media (with photos that demonstrate spiritual postures, setups, locations, tools, etc.)

  10. 10.Becoming overly identified with spiritual knowledge (and how much “you” know)

  11. Trying to convert people to your perception (preaching to them or debating)

  12. 12.Resistance to being “called out” and resenting those who try to do this

  13. 13.Claiming access to special and exclusive spiritual knowledge that others can’t access

  14. 14.Lack of curiosity and receptivity to life

  15. 15.Wearing a mask of niceness, positivity or wisdom

Now, clearly, you don’t have to display ALL of these to be in the throes of Spiritual Narcissism. I’m sure you can even recognize when you may have been guilty of displaying some of these traits - I know I have, but I am also much more aware, now, that I was absolutely avoiding doing work that I needed to do in order to heal issues from my past. I also am WELL aware that I am not perfect, I have not “completed” my journey by any stretch of the imagination - but neither have you!!! Also, for those interested in learning more, Justin Brown has an excellent video on YouTube about his own journey with Spiritual Narcissism. The link for that is

For this next section, if you do not believe in reincarnation, or that some (or many, who knows) of us have had, or may even originate, from other Star Systems, or Galaxies, feel free to skip ahead. This part will not resonate with you. Ok, so who’s still with me? I have some bad news for all you Starseeds out there who have determined that you’re going to wake up, reach some level of consciousness that allows you to - along with your other awakened Starseeds - leave this planet, or this dimension of this planet, and suddenly find yourselves existing on a “new” Earth that is floating around in the Astral realm. If you’re stuck on that belief, you may also be trapped in your spiritual ego.

I know it’s a bummer. It would be really cool to suddenly “beam” onto another planet, or shift into a new dimension where all the shitty people are left behind on this one and the New Earth is a blissful utopia. That’s not why we are here. Like it or not, we CHOSE to have THIS human existence, in THIS specific time in history. Why? Who knows, maybe we were all drinking the same acid-laced kool-aid at some soul contract party? I’m not sure it really matters if we understand why, in our human understanding of things. What matters is what we DO with the understanding that there is MORE than what our collective consciousness programming has taught us.

I just deleted a whole section about the definition of Apocalypse, so I guess that will be the subject of another blog? Thankfully, none of you are subject to my tangents prior to editing, haha. The bottom line to this particular entry is this… There is no right way to awaken. There is no end point to raising our consciousness/vibration. Just as we all learn differently in the classroom, we all connect to our understanding of Source (enter your term here) differently. What I hope to achieve by writing all of this is to bring a healthy awareness to those who feel this may be hindering their process of healing and/or allow for those who recognize it in others to simply, free of judgement, be discerning in what you see, read, watch, hear, etc. Beyond that, just continue to hold space and always choose love above all else. Aho. And so it is. Namaste 🙏🏼

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