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Leaving the Light On

My Dear Friends,

I have been struggling for awhile now, to find the perfect words to encompass all that I am feeling. Yet, I know that all efforts will inevitably fall short in comparison, and I am overcome with a profound sense of melancholy and gratitude.

The task before me is one that I had hoped might be avoided. But the truth is that the continued existence of a physical location for Two Feathers has ventured into the realm of improbabilities, and we are all struggling, on a variety of levels, with this stark knowledge.

You, our friends and community, have become our family, and Two Feathers, your home. Consequently, it is imperative that we share this information with you. Although we have not given up hope, the possibility of closure is imminent.

I've held the dream of creating a Healing Arts Center in my heart, since I was very young, fascinated with the unlimited potential held in all of the heal. Many years later, I was fortunate enough to find a friend who shared that vision, and Two Feathers Healing Arts Center was born. Almost immediately, we were joined by others who believed in our endeavors also, and our community began to flourish and grow.

As with any new business, there was a definite learning curve involved, that in hindsight, and blessed with the opportunity, I would elect to handle differently, moving forward. While some of our paths undeniably merged, others diverged in new and exciting directions. But at the heart of it all, our mission has remained steadfast and true, to build community and a home base for everyone who crosses our threshold.

For most of my life, I've been driven by one challenge, above all 'Touch Souls.'

Over the years, I have found a multitude of ways to accomplish this. I dedicated over twenty five years to the field of Human Services, working with individuals of all ages and varying degrees of emotional, developmental or physical challenges. I have worked as a Hospice Volunteer, a Bereavement Counselor for children, and a CPR/First Aid/AED instructor, an Artist, a Therapeutic Art & Creativity Coach, Spiritual Mentor...and the list goes on.

Several years ago, I channeled my first Soul Portrait, as a thank you gift, for a job that I had never applied for...and I was embraced with the knowledge that I would never be the same.

Since that time, I have channeled countless Soul Portraits, all uniquely beautiful, impactful and inspiring. And every time, individually, I discover it to be both a blessing and a validation of a Higher Power.

I believe that it is through our experiences, and our sharing of those stories, that we are able to connect on much deeper levels with each other. My discernment has also taught me that we will always be stronger Together...than we ever are...alone, and the most powerful force in existence...will always be...Unconditional Love.

With this knowledge comes the understanding, that regardless of how this all unfolds, I am undeniably certain, that our time here at Two Feathers has been an absolute gift, a beautiful blend of synchronicity, magic, healing and miracles. And you, my dear friends...have always been the catalysts.

Whether your first visit, or daily stop, we are infinitely grateful for your presence, the conversations we've shared, the connections we've made, your kindness, generosity, smiles and tears. But above all, we are grateful for the family that you've become.

Although I am deeply saddened by the prospect of closing our physical location, I am also grateful beyond measure, and with all of my heart...I thank you.

Wherever this path leads us, I intend to leave the light on.

Two Feathers

Mission Statement

We pray to Creator - Gods and Goddesses - Mothers and Marys

Breathe life into this offering with us.

Illuminate us as safe and sacred space to land and be healed.

Infuse us with trust in our roles in service and help us anchor that energy to answer the call to serve with Grace and Gratitude.

Use us for purposes greater than we know.

Bring to us all the spokes of this wheel as we gather true TRIBE.

Help us to always remember the core of our intention and to continue to be the Lighthouse in the storm and the candle in the window.

May all beings feel safe and supported in this space.

May it be a place where they can allow the quiet to RE-member who they are.

May we powerfully breathe Unity back into our Community.

May we continue to bring our whole Hearts to the HEARTH 

in service to the whole.

And so it shall be...

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