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with Sheree Asdot

Finding Balance

Hypnosis is a guided, temporary relaxation of the conscious mind; allowing positive and beneficial ideas to become accepted by the inner/subconscious mind. Hypnosis can help your conscious and subconscious mind be in agreement. Have you ever decided to do something, but then not followed through with it (such as an exercise program or a diet)? When part of you wants to do something, but another part of you objects, you are not fully in sync with yourself. Hypnosis is a way to get those parts of you on the same page.

Initial consult and session
(90 minutes): $100
Follow up sessions:
(60 minutes): $80

Hypnosis can assist with the following.....
Stress Reduction
Weight Loss
Smoking Cessation
Release Emotional Blocks
Personal Transformation
Align with Your Higher Self
Reprogramming Outdated Beliefs
Pain Management
Prepare for surgery
Overcome fears and phobias
Deepen Creativity
..... and so much more!

Hypnosis: Services
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