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Welcome To Two Feathers Healing Arts 

Discover the Healing Power of Art

Welcome to Two Feathers Healing Arts, where creativity and healing intertwine to inspire, uplift, and provide a sanctuary for those seeking to explore the transformative power of art. 

I'm Spirit Light, your guide on this exciting journey of self-discovery, and healing.

My path is dedicated to spreading light and love through creativity. From Soul Portraits that reflect the essence of the soul, to Lightworks that glow with ethereal beauty, Energy Paintings, or Painted Feathers, each creation is a testament to the healing energy of art.

My mission is to Touch Souls...One Heart at a Time.

Join me on this journey of self-expression and healing. Let's create art that inspires, uplifts, and transforms lives.

Thank you for being here. Your presence is a gift.


Spirit Light

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Come in, Create & Manifest with us!

Currently Located in Connecticut


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Currently available by appointment or via Zoom.
Updates will be posted regarding in person schedule for appointments at different locations.

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Two Feathers
Mission Statement

We pray to Creator - Gods and Goddesses - Mothers and Marys

Breathe life into this offering with us.

Illuminate us as safe and sacred space to land and be healed.

Infuse us with trust in our roles in service and help us anchor that energy to answer the call to serve with Grace and Gratitude.

Use us for purposes greater than we know.

Bring to us all the spokes of this wheel as we gather true TRIBE.

Help us to always remember the core of our intention and to continue to be the Lighthouse in the storm and the candle in the window.

May all beings feel safe and supported in this space.

May it be a place where they can allow the quiet to RE-member who they are.

May we powerfully breathe Unity back into our Community.

May we continue to bring our whole Hearts to the HEARTH 

in service to the whole.

And so it shall be...

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Sacred Offerings

At Two Feathers Healing Arts, we offer sacred and transformative experiences through our unique offerings. Led by Spirit Light, a passionate healer, artist and creativity coach, our services are designed to nurture the soul, awaken the spirit, and expand consciousness.

Soul Portraits are deeply personal and one-of-a-kind, sessions that speak directly to the heart. Each session is an hour-long journey of self-discovery, culminating in channeled images and messages transferred to paper, along with an interpretation that leaves you with a profound understanding of your inner self.

In addition to Soul Portraits, we offer Shamanic Paintings and Energy Paintings, which beyond art, can also be used as tools for spiritual growth and healing.

Our Lightworks, or glow paintings, illuminate the beauty of the soul and the world around us, serving as a reminder of the light that resides in each of us, and of our connection to each other. While our Painted Feathers, showcase Spirit Animals & Totems, another beautiful reminder of the guides and teachers who share our paths.

Our newest addition, known as Divine Whispers, is a white Feather with a gold tip, adorned with a one-word message in glow ink, visible only under UV light. This unique feather carries whispers from the Divine, reminding us of our own divinity, while offering guidance and inspiration also.

At Two Feathers Healing Arts, we also offer Therapeutic Art & Creativity Coaching services to support you on your journey of self-exploration and healing. Through personalized coaching sessions, we help you tap into your creative potential, overcome obstacles, and achieve personal growth and transformation.

Visit our online Trading Post for access to over 4,000 metaphysical products, or our Prints & Apparel sections.

We believe that creativity is a sacred act, and we honor this belief in all that we do. Join us on a journey of self-discovery and healing, where art is not just a form of expression, but also a pathway to enlightenment.


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"Meraki is doing something with total love & pure soul, it is leaving a bit of yourself in your creative works."

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Currently located in Connecticut


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